Cats and Dogs

Cats and Dogs can have phenomenal responses to chiropractic care. They can have years added to their lives with only a few treatments.

Singapore 2Clients often say their cat or dog is playing again the way they used to about 3 years ago. Any cat or dog who has had a bad fall, been tripped over, had a car accident, or needed major surgery most likely needs chiropractic care.

Other problems that are very responsive to chiropractic care are as follows: General malaise or a lack lustre demeanour, strange outbursts of crying in pain, running or moving crookedly and stiffly, limping, bladder incontinence or straining (FUS), lick granulomas, back pain/prolapsed discs, poor grooming (cats), struggling up/down stairs or on/off furniture.

ZzzzI am coming to believe that cats and dogs should routinely have a 6 monthly chiropractic check-up (the same as a horse) to help improve the quality of their life. Many animals who live on NSAIDS (non steroidal anti-inflammatories) for pain relief, or those who are ‘not quite right’ can come off medication and gain a new lease of life after chiropractic therapy.

Regenerative medicine joint injection therapy now available – thus far there has been amazing responses to the injections, in dogs who’ve been battling with arthritis/lameness for many years.