Floating Issues

Horses need not scramble in floats. This is an incredibly distressing experience for the horse and they behave as though they are suffering from vertigo.

If you are travelling only one horse at a time, then I strongly recommend that you routinely travel with the partition across on the diagonal in a straight load float. This is to ensure your horse never feels as though he cannot balance in any situation such as an inadvertent fast corner or stop.

If you have an angle load float – remember the tall or long horse cannot actually stretch his face out to balance as well. This is especially true if he has a chiropractic neck restriction that prevents him from flexing his neck comfortably.

If a horse is stomping and behaving poorly in the float, it is either because they are struggling with balance or they do not believe the float is their ‘comfort zone’. This can easily be rectified with some understanding and training (www.johnchatterton.com.au).