Shod Horses

The results of my hoof research has indicated there are ways we can fine tune the management of those horses who are shod for competition.

This fine tuning is aimed at maintaining soundness for longer, and better managing lameness and performance issues. The hoof care management needs to vary with each horse and his sport, so a management technique can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss a superior management technique for your shod horse.

My Performance Hoof Care clinics can also be very helpful for people who have shod horses, if you wish to increase your knowledge level.  Fence sitting at one of my clinics would help you have a clearer idea on some solutions for hoof problems, and hence you won’t be confused by the million different opinions out there in the horse industry.  This allows you to be prepared if your horse develops a foot related lameness, or an issue such as cracking, seedy toe, white line disease, or P3 rotation.