If you wish to discuss how to prevent or manage lameness, navicular disease, ringbone, laminitis, degenerative joint disease, back soreness, or tendon/ligament injury in your horse, feel free to arrange an appointment to discuss these problems and develop a strategy of management to suit you and your horse.

Alternatively, if you feel you have ruled out all sources of physical pain and yet you are still struggling with behavioural issues, then an appointment with Dr Quick will be very worthwhile to determine the true source and hence the solution for the problems with your horse.

Remember a pain free and emotionally happy horse is a safe horse.

    Phone: 0417 010 519

    Please note, as Dr Quick is always either working on a horse or driving a car, it is difficult for her to read/reply to emails in these conditions, so telephone enquiries are a more efficient method of communication for her to rapidly respond to your query and telephone tends to have less technical reliability issues when compared to emails which sometimes don’t want to turn up!!  So if you haven’t heard back, please call.

    Address: PO Box 234, Malmsbury VIC 3446