Teaching & Courses

Dr Quick’s Performance Hoof Care Clinics have an unparalleled level of training for people with of all levels of skill.  As a result of her vast scientific knowledge and understanding, the information passed on through her hoof clinics is highly relevant, up to date, and taught in a manner only possible from someone who has the training and lameness/gait evaluation experience, to fully comprehend the physiology and pathology horses have occurring in their hooves.

When compared to other lecturers in hoof care, it’s easy to see how Dr Quick’s years of experience in solving lameness problems in both shod and the barefoot performance horses has given her such a remarkable level of knowledge on the topic.  All professional trimmers would benefit from attending Dr Quick’s clinics as it would help them have a greater understanding of the intricacies of managing the barefoot horse.

There are many people of various levels of experience teaching hoof trimming, however if the teacher is without the full comprehension of the physiological reason behind the hoof problems horses struggle with, many horse owners and professional trimmers, are often still frustrated and confused at the end of attending the clinics or courses.  Participants of Dr Quick’s clinics have been astonished at the knowledge and trimming skills they achieve in such a short time with Dr Quick.  Clinics often run late due to the high level of satisfaction and enjoyment occurring in the participants on the day.

Horse owners who don’t wish to learn how to trim, or those who have shod horses will still benefit markedly from fence sitting at a clinic.  Attendees find it quite a relief to hear the myths about hooves be busted, and it is also very enlightening to know what to do if your horse develops hoof problems.

Trimming courses, general well-being and behavioural training courses are all available.
Private lessons for hoof trimming are also available.

  • Level 1 Performance Hoof Care Clinic  – March 9-10th 2019 –  please contact enquiries@theproblemhorse.com or 0417 010 519
  • Levels 2 & 3 – available in private lessons

Clinics are near Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia. If you have enough participants in your area (anywhere in the world), Dr Quick can travel to your venue.  Please contact enquiries@theproblemhorse.com or 0417 010 519

Hoof Care Clinics

Panel Discussion with Professors Bowker and Pollitt – Australian Functional Hoof Conference (February 2011)

Photos courtesy of Alex Guard.

Books / Articles / Research

Coming soon… articles on all my research. It’s taken me years to collect the information, in a scientifically viable, change only one variable at a time, controlled manner. Initially I documented it only in my head as I was experimenting for myself. Now I have to go back and redo everything so it’s recorded for the rest of the world…. This is the bit that takes more time than the learning itself, so bear with me, I’ll get there.

I might just write a book first so horse owners don’t need to wait so long, and this will include all the techniques I’ve ever learnt to maximise a horse’s performance, longevity and happiness.